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Over the past 20 years I've had the privilege to train, coach and educate so many individuals and teams. From stay at home mom's, seniors, young professionals, downtown business executives, collegiate athletes, professional athletes, and one of my favorites, youth athletes.

No matter how often I meet new clients and have the opportunity to have a positive impact on their life, nothing compares to the individuals I've worked with in the past or currently train to this day. It humbles and reminds me of why I do what I do when I receive word from them that they are forever grateful for the time we spent together, no matter how short or long that time period was. Here's a few of their stories and testimonials.

I hope to have the opportunity to have a positive impact on your life, help you reach your goals, and one day share your accomplishments and great experiences with others.


World's Best Trainer! I've worked out on my own, with other trainers and in group classes for years. John's workouts provide the best results. They're simple, effective and efficient workouts with moves that you can do. He's designed workouts I could do on a cruise ship or while recovering from an injury. His joint training sessions are also great (and really hard) even if you and your training partner are at different levels.

John realizes that you don't have to throw the weirdest moves at a client to make them feel like they're weak or incompetent.  He's tough, encouraging and a lot of fun to workout with!

- Kim F.


John is an amazing personal trainer! I know because at 67 years old I have had many. John pushes me in all aspects of the workout. He gives me weights that are always challenging so my strength has increased over time. Many trainers seem to underestimate their clients based on age... John does not do that. On top of that John is always prompt, always organized and always nice! What more can you ask for? I highly recommend One Goal Training! Oh, tons of variety too. And accountability!! Go for it!!

- Pam M.



72 years old and in the best shape since high school days. Better, actually. John makes me believe there's no reason to coast just because I've seen and done everything in the world. Three times a week I get a great dose of "It's not over yet -- it hasn't even begun." And, best of all, we laugh every time we train. The pleasantest, funniest ass-kicking I've ever had!


- Jim D.


Working with John has been one of the best experiences and by far one of the best decisions I have ever made. I reached out to John about a year before my wedding to help me get in better shape and to be the best version of myself possible. Over the course of the year, John tailored individual workout sets that taught me new strength concepts and also allowed me to safely push myself to reach new PRs week-in and week-out. John is highly attentive, supportive, and accommodating, and is accessible when necessary for guidance even outside of the gym. In addition, John and I worked through nutrition coaching, which gave me a better understanding of what I was putting into my body and how my nutrition contributes to the work that I put in while in the gym. Overall, his knowledge and expertise allowed me to learn from one of the best and feel confident in the gym. Most importantly, John has become a great friend through all the time spent together and I would recommend him to anyone who is committed to becoming the best version of themselves. 


- Ian B.

John has been a great addition to my fitness life and has been an instrumental part in overcoming some artificial ceilings I had for myself. He continues to challenge me and his enthusiasm, knowledge, and passion are contagious. I think that it's easy sometimes to get stuck in a fitness rut and do the same old thing, but John keeps it fresh and furthermore, will show you 10 different variations of something you only thought there was one way of doing. He has been super accessible outside of our training sessions as well to answer questions I have or provide feedback on things that I'm thinking. I have come to appreciate people who excel at their profession, in whatever field it is, and I can say unequivocally that John is at the top of his game as a personal trainer. Whatever your fitness level, you will benefit from working with John. Highly recommend.


- Matt J.



I have trained twice a week with John for the last year and half. I am in the best shape that I've been in over the last decade. John keeps meticulous data on performance and constantly tweaks the program to get results. I still am sore after every workout - even a year and a half later. Couldn't recommend him highly enough. If you want results then you need to work with John.


- Ashees J.



John is amazing! I highly recommend training with him as well as attending his performance center classes-both will kick your butt. I had always wanted to work with a trainer one on one, but never did. After taking a few of John's classes, I knew he would be the best trainer to work with. Every class is different and super challenging, but his positive energy and enthusiasm makes you want to work harder and harder. I typically ask a lot of questions and John has always been super responsive even outside of our training sessions. All of his feedback is super helpful and you can tell he really knows what he is talking about. John genuinely wants to see you succeed and to get in the best shape of your life. In the short time we have been working together I have already seen great results. He is the best.


- Emily R.



I highly recommend John. He listens to your goals and tailors individual workouts that will challenge you. Be ready to work! I have gone to trainers at various gyms, and John is by far the best.


- Valerie E.



John is awesome! I didn't think I could gain much from working with a trainer, but in our sessions he kicked my butt and taught me a lot of new exercises to shore up my weaknesses. Highly recommend!


- Matt D.



John is a highly motivated and qualified personal trainer! I had the opportunity to have him as my personal trainer and it was a very challenging, fun, and positive experience. He is client driven and is always listening to your short and long term goals. John was very fun to work with and I saw great results in the end. I highly recommend John as your future personal trainer because he is extremely passionate about what he does, very professional, and achieves the goals/results that you want!


- Amy S.



I really enjoy working with John. With my crazy travel schedule he keeps me motivated and is flexible on workouts. I would highly recommend John.


- Lene S.



John has been an excellent trainer for the past year or so. He's conscientious, very helpful at setting fitness plans, and provides relevant guidance to help reach goals. John pushes his clients hard and is very encouraging to help you achieve the highest possible performance. I have enjoyed working with John and would highly recommend him to others.


- Andrew D.



John is one of the most professional and friendly trainers. He is always helpful, available, and offers good advice. He is very disciplined and works closely with his clients to understand their needs and works with them to create a program tailored to their goals. Even when John isn't training someone else, he is clearly passionate about improving himself and inspires others around him with his disciplined routines. I would recommend John as an excellent trainer.


- Andrew F.



John was not only my volleyball coach in high school, but he also has been an extraordinary mentor for me. John challenged me to push myself in all aspects of my life, not just volleyball. He has been there for me when I needed someone to talk to, and I am very thankful for meeting John. His positive attitude, communication skills, and his strong work ethic are very evident as soon as you meet him. Anyone who has the potential opportunity to work with John, I would strongly encourage you to follow through with it because you will not be disappointed, but rather, will be very happy with your decision to do so. John is one of those people who can have a very strong and positive impact on your life.


- Jeff S.



As a beginning volleyball player, I had the incredibly rewarding opportunity to be coached by John. Utilizing the latest in exercise techniques and technology, as well as educating me about proper diet and nutrition, John help me become the dedicated, fit athlete that I am today. My appreciation for exercise and wellness is a direct result of John's education and influence. As director of our volleyball club at that time, John took an inexperienced team of players and molded us into a team that exhibited commitment and talent. He is a gifted motivator. He would often stay late after scheduled practices to help with skill improvement. He inspired us to become better athletes and taught us the significance of individual contributions along with the importance of being part of a team. John also taught us time management, teaching us how to balance our home, athletic, education and work responsibilities. John's passion for the fitness industry is refreshing. He approaches each client and task with a detailed plan to train the whole athlete. I attribute much of my dedication and success to what John instilled in me. His knowledge, drive and determination set him apart and make him an asset for any organization that is fortunate to welcome him on their team.


- Tara G.



I had the pleasure of having John as my club volleyball coach a couple years back. John was motivating and knew how to get the best out of every player. If you train with him, I can guarantee he will push you to your limit and make you a better athlete. John was extremely hard working and very intelligent as a coach. He was committed to improving all of my teammates and by the end of the season, you could see the improvement in everyone. Not only was he extremely motivational, but outside of practice he was easy to talk to and a great friend. I highly recommend John and will begin training with him again because of my past experiences with him.


- Adam Z.



I have worked with John on both private and group fitness training classes, and every class has been fantastic! John creates both challenging and innovative workouts that lead to amazing results. He is never too pushy and never makes you feel bad, but gives great encouragement along the way. I highly recommend him!!


- Julie A.



John's interest in my improvement and attention to detail sets him apart from all of the other trainers. He's personable, professional, and makes a point to follow up with me in between sessions. I wouldn't train with anyone else!


- Kevin B.



I have always enjoyed working out and exercise, but I have never been more inspired than after I met John. He takes fitness to a whole another level by combining science, knowledge and dedication to incorporate your goals and deliver results. Not only have I acquired significant gains in strength, mobility and endurance while having lots of fun, but I came away with a functional foundation that I will use for a lifetime. I look forward to our continued success.


- Andrew P.


John is a very inspirational trainer. I trained with him for over a year and saw some significant changes in my body. His enthusiasm and ability to be direct is something not many people have. He truly is just a great guy! Take the opportunity to learn more about him!


- Robert R.

My wife and I spent almost a year working with John through his online training program. It was a lot of fun and John went above and beyond at every step. He helped us design a home gym in our garage, forwarding us coupons and specials on equipment and then built workouts that my wife and I could do together around the equipment we had. It was a blast and amazing to see what he could do with so little. As our equipment grew over the months, it was so fun to see how he changed and implemented new challenges. He's great at checking in via email or phone if you prefer and making sure that you're building strength and reaching your fitness goals. For John, it's a passion and not just a job and it truly shows.

- Ryan & Courtney O.


John's high intensity classes are something you don't want to miss! I have been primarily attending his classes since mid January and each class is amazing. After I had my second child last year, my main goal was weight loss when I began my fitness journey. After taking John's classes, not only am I losing the weight, but I am becoming much stronger. Lastly, John always has variations/modifications on how you can do an exercise. This allows me to do a few reps and challenge myself and get out of my comfort zone.


- Supreeta K.



John is a phenomenal trainer, always prepared, always creative, and always pushing you to your best. It has been a real privilege.


- Ryan O.



John is very dedicated to his work and pushed me to achieve more in my workout. I always felt like he had my health as his primary concern, but pushing me was a close second. I would recommend anyone try a workout with John. Hydrate first and get ready to sleep after!


- Bill B.



John's HIIT classes have helped me get into the best shape of my life after the birth of my second child. His creativity in designing competitive, team-oriented, challenging formats keeps me motivated and excited about the next workout. His experience in coaching shines through when he helps push you past where you thought your limits were. He's one of the best trainers I've seen!


- Brenda M.



I have had the pleasure of training with John through small group classes for the past year. You can see his passion for health and fitness by his dedication to his clients and classes, from the creativity and ever changing exercise routines to his high energy and extensive knowledge. John somehow always makes you feel like you are in a one on one session even in a group class setting because of the continuous feedback and motivation he gives. John has even gone above and beyond by working with me outside of class time to discuss my goals and how to reach them. I can easily say he is one of the friendliest, hardworking, and motivated people I have ever met. I look forward to working out with John every time as I know he will always provide a challenging, yet fun experience. I highly recommend training with him.


- Jody R.


Fitness Professionals


John is a coworker of mine and he is tremendous at his job. I learn something new from him everyday, be it with his clients or from his personal workouts. The motivation and dedication he inspires within his clients extends well outside the gym. He's also an all around wonderful guy.


- Benjamin N.



John is a very knowledgeable trainer with a incredible passion for training. He listens to clients needs and tries to get clients to their goals through patience and a systematic approach to develop workouts.


- Jacques S.



I had the pleasure of welcoming John to our team as a personal trainer, and he made an immediate impact from very early on. John is a stellar athlete, phenomenal detail-oriented trainer, and has a real passion for improving people's lives. He is a true winner and a standout Personal Trainer.


- Mike L.



John knows how to motivate and inspire anyone to do great things. Personally, he re-introduced me to plyometric and jump training. I would recommend him to anyone looking to take their training to the next level whether it be in sports training or specific training in plyometric or jump training. He works well with everyone and makes everyone around him better.


- Anthony M.



I was truly amazed at how personable and well taught John was. Not only has he succeeded to become a top Personal Trainer, he has a variety of skills that will open many doors for him in the future. I still continue to see John on a daily basis and every time he has a great attitude towards helping others succeed and learn more about the fitness industry. Kudos to John!


- Ben D.



John's passion for athletics and physical training carried over into the way he coached all of his athletes. He forged wonderful relationships with the parents of each athlete and the players had nothing but respect and dedication to his instruction. John's commitment to excellence will surely help him with his future endeavors and his personal goals.


- Ingrid R.



John is an exceptionally hard worker who only wants the best for his customers. As a coach, his players and parents not only looked up to him as a leader, but also looked to him for advice and support. Now I'm a college volleyball coach and I know that any player coached by John will have hard work, dedication and determination instilled in them. I highly recommend John Wierzbicki and would work with him again in an instant!


- Sue W.



John is a great person. He is honest and hard working. I would hire him again and again. Oh he is smart too!


- Ross B.



Even though I am a trainer and coach myself, I understood that I needed an unbiased eye to build a program to get me back in shape after a nagging upper body injury. Who better than my good friend John. I worked out with him, and worked alongside the man so I understood his attention to detail, programming, and overall work ethic was just what I needed in a program. The man delivered. I regained my strength and stamina within a few weeks and became comfortable enough to push myself knowing that if I did as he asked I would see the results. Thanks John!


- Mitch A.

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