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John Wierzbicki
Owner & Head Trainer of One Goal Training

With over 20 years of combined coaching and personal training experience, John is extremely passionate when it comes to helping others reach their health and fitness goals.

As a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer, John understands that every client has unique fitness goals that require individualized training. Regardless of what goals you are hoping to achieve, John will sit down with you for a free consultation to ensure that he understands your medical and fitness history as well as future health milestones you hope to achieve. During your consultation you will be put through a movement assessment to analyze if you have any imbalances in your body that could potentially lead to future injuries if not corrected.

Once becoming a client of John's come ready to work and rest assured your health and fitness needs are in the hands of someone who cares and is passionate about making healthy living a lifestyle for you. John is a believer that everyone is an athlete, regardless if they have ever participated in a sport or not. Creative programming, high energy and nutrition advice allows clients to reach their desired health milestones and boost confidence. John’s ultimate goal is to give clients, regardless of their age or abilities, the opportunity to feel like an athlete and achieve their one goal.

John challenges his clients as well as himself to live a healthy lifestyle and is always excited to share his health and fitness adventures.
Practicing what he preaches, he constantly challenges himself when it comes to his daily workouts. When John isn’t training clients or putting himself through a workout, he enjoys playing golf, volleyball and basketball, and spending time with his wife, kids and their family Pug, Lola.


John also holds the following degrees and certifications:

Illinois State University - Bachelor of Science

NASM - Certified Personal Trainer

NASM - Senior Fitness Specialist

NASM - Golf Fitness Specialist

Precision Nutrition - Level 1
Kettlebell Concepts - Level 1 Kettlebell Lifting
American Heart Association - CPR & AED (Adult, Child & Infant)
American Sports Education Program - Sports First Aid, Coaching Principles, IHSA Bylaws
Volleyball Pros - Certified Volleyball Professional
USA Beach Volleyball - Cap 1 Coach
USA Volleyball - Cap 1 Coach & IMPACT

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