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team training

Training for the sports team looking to improve their overall athleticism and prepare for their upcoming season.


Team Training will be catered to the specific sport you and your teammates compete in. You will be better prepared for battle on the court or field by performing specific exercises and movements that will make you faster and stronger. Most importantly, the training we will perform will help you prevent injury by strengthening and improving mobility in key areas of your body such as your shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles. All of these are areas of the body that every athlete, regardless of sport, need to protect to ensure a long and healthy playing career.


During your team's free consultation we will discuss the best plan of attack to help you safely and successfully reach your goals and prepare you for your best season yet.


Team (10+ Athletes)

1 Session


10 Sessions


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*Cost per person. Pricing can vary pending training site location.

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